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Vagdevi Educational Society has registered under the registration act 35 of 2001 on 27-09-2003,Reg.No. 493 to up list and promote literature, science and the diffusion of useful knowledge.  It was established during the time when the society and people were in very need of knowledge, education and social awareness

The Vagdevi Educational Society, Gurazala intend to introduce D.Pharmacy in 2004-05 with 60 seats , in 2006-07 Introduce B.Pharmacy course with 60 seats and M. Pharmacy Introduce  in the year 2010-11 to upgrade the Pharmacy professionals in and around Guntur (Dt.), especially Gurazala is a rural poor.  It is located in the outskirts of Gurazala town, there is a need of best Technical & Research skills in the surrounding rural areas, Pharmatechnology & Research has been touching every face of human life and the need for pharma professionals is increasing at a rapid pace.  To meet the demand of Pharma Industry and Research skills in Parma Professionals,  many colleges have come up, keeping this in mind, our area and society should need best, qualified pharma professionals at this moment to serve the surrounding student community there is a lot of demand for Pharmacy professional who will be trained well in their research activities in Pharmacy courses. 


Primarily Vagdevi Educational Society, which is founder of Vagdevi College of Pharmacy, with its vision of promoting education and carrier opportunities to all the students of this place.  The society has institution importing professional education for men and women without any prejudice based on race, religion, caste or language various fee concessions are granted to deserving students to promote the welfare of the needy people.  Thus the vision of the society is to serve all especially those who are in need.


Vagdevi College will be managed by the members of Vagdevi Educational Society to develop this area by serving downtrodden people in order to uplify them socially and economically